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International Alliance for Diabetes Action

Improving diabetes care in humanitarian settings.

Photo credit: Paul Odongo, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Diabetes: A crisis within a crises

Diabetes is a major cause of death, disability and suffering in lower- and middle-income countries, particularly amongst marginalized groups such as refugees.  

Humanitarian crises are the perfect storm of vulnerabilities and reduce access to life-saving care and medicines for diabetes.

Despite projections of increases in both diabetes and humanitarian crises, the provision of diabetes care in humanitarian settings remains scarce and poorly coordinated.

Our Mission is

to ensure that quality diabetes care is globally accessible to the most vulnerable populations affected by humanitarian crises and stop the unnecessary disability and death of people living with diabetes in these settings.

We envision a world where

people affected by humanitarian crises will have access to affordable medications, diagnostics and quality care for diabetes.

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3rd Annual Symposium on Diabetes in Humanitarian Crises

The 2022 Symposium in Kraków Poland brought together over 80 organizations from 45 countries to share experiences, exchange information, and develop new collaborative initiatives to better provide care to those living with diabetes in humanitarian crisis. See links to panel discussions and speaker information.